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Buying in Australia can be daunting and risky if you do not know what you are doing or who you are dealing with. Through the expertise of Dawn Knox who has been selling Australian property for over 10 years, World Realty can show you how to safely buy in Australia, whether it is an investment property or a home to eventually live in when you move to the Lucky Country!

World Realty can offer a huge selection of house and land packages down to smaller townhouses or units. We work with professional builders who produce quality homes in most areas of South East Queensland.

World Realty has available in Australia for our clients:

  • Fully licensed agents to show our clients the properties
  • Qualified and licensed Financial Brokers and Financial Advisors
  • Selection of qualified Lawyers available
  • Quality builders and developers
  • Wide selection of property through out South East Queensland
  • Insurance brokers for all household and landlord protection insurance needs
  • Full Property Management services available
  • Depreciation Schedule reports from qualified companies
  • Professional Hand Over house inspections from certified, qualified companies
  • Plus many more services World Realty can provide


House Designs in Australia

These photos would be typical homes that World Realty sells within South East Queensland.  There are too many to itemize so each client is looked after individually and each home is especially selected for that client’s needs.


house design 2.jpg house design 3.jpg house design 4.jpg house design 5.jpg house designs 1.jpg kirra classic design.jpg kirra contemporary.jpg kirra plantation design.jpg kirra plantation floor plan.jpg prada design.jpg typical home- 2.jpg



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